Creating More Space with Basement Conversions Rather than Extensions in Virginia Water

In many houses in and around Virginia Water, space is very much at a premium, which in turn can leave little room for extensions by even the most skilled builders. As a result of interest in basement conversions, these once neglected storage rooms are increasingly becoming living spaces.


As a result, Bailey Construction UK Limited is now in as much demand as a loft and basement conversions specialist, as it is for its extensions and for its expertise as a house builder.


This is not surprising considering that a basement conversion could increase the value of homes throughout Virginia Water by as much as 30 per cent, whereas extensions add just 20%. If you have a cellar, it may well make financial sense to convert it, or even enlarge it and turn it into a habitable space.

If you’re thinking of converting your cellar, the first thing we recommend doing is contacting local Virginia Water estate agents, or a popular house builder in the area to check that doing so will actually add value. If drainage concerns arise as a result of the conversion, this could have an adverse effect on your home’s overall value.


Such concerns will not apply if you are planning a new build, if of course your plot is not subject to flooding and is well drained and allows good access for excavation work. As highly-experienced new build builders, we can also help you in this capacity. If you live in or around Virginia Water, please get in touch with our builders for more information.


Is Your Basement Suitable for Conversion?

While we can overcome most obstacles to basement conversions, those houses subject to high water tables and where there are main services running beneath the Virginia Water property may significantly increase the cost of undertaking the work.


Your local authority will have lists of areas that are close to rivers. In short, the closer you are to a river, the greater the risk and the more difficult it will be to obtain permission to undertake the conversion. Modern townhouses and terraces are often built on raft foundations. This means they can’t be underpinned and therefore can’t have basements.


If you live in Virginia Water and need basement conversions experts or new build builders, please call Bailey Construction UK Limited on 01428 653 716!