Advice on Home Improvements from an Expert House Builder in Surrey

Hundreds of homeowners in Surrey apply each year for permission to make improvements to their homes. As a result,  Bailey Construction UK Limited continues to be in demand by those wanting conservatories, garage conversions, rear extensions and more. Applications fees will cost around £150 and professional fees from architects and designers will often cost thousands more.


The whole process of building work can leave homeowners stressed out and buried in red tape for months. But don’t worry – the fact that 90% of applications are approved eventually means that yours is also likely to gain approval.


Good extensions from reputable builders can increase the overall value of your Surrey home by up to 20%, while basement conversions can boost the resale price by as much as 30%! While some choose to move, or even knock down their old property and hire new build builders as a way of increasing space, it will be of great relief to some that they don’t have to do either.


Demolishing and Rebuilding

As new build builders, we can tell you that Surrey Council does not have any planning policies that relate specifically to demolishing and rebuilding houses on the same plots of land. Yet in practice, the same considerations that would apply to building a new house also apply to building a replacement.


It is therefore important to consider the character of the surrounding area. This has the potential to create a significant return on investment if you are able to build a much larger house, or even a greater number of houses, on the same land in Surrey.


But Which Home Improvement Provides the Best Return on Investment?

In our experience as a house builder, we would say that additional bedrooms add more value than kitchen extensions or conservatories, simply because they will feasibly allow you to increase your asking price by much more.


A large proportion of the houses in Surrey have three bedrooms, but not that many have four. Hiring reliable builders to install a fourth bedroom extension will make your home highly sought after by buyers in the area.


If you need a house builder for new builds or extensions in Surrey, please contact Bailey Construction UK Limited on 01428 653 716!