Planning Extensions in Cobham

Bailey Construction UK Limited is a firm of new build builders near Cobham. Much of our work also comes from homeowners seeking extensions. With this in mind, we provide the following information to help you plan your extension...


Building a home extension requires a lot of thought, planning and creativity. Getting the design right requires the services of an architect, as well as a house builder or extensions specialist with a broad understanding of your needs, as well as the demands of your local council near Cobham.


You will also need help from a qualified structural engineer to ensure that the extension is strong enough to hold the weight of the new roof.











Finding an Architect

While we can work with any architect you choose, we know many excellent architects and structural engineers in and around the Cobham area, having worked in the extensions market for many years. As a result, we will be happy to recommend an architect you can trust. Working closely with these specialists, our house builders can help develop your dreams and aspirations for your project and turn them into something spectacular!


Planning Permission

The process of obtaining planning permission can be daunting. In most cases, you will need to get both building regulations approval and planning permission from your local council before you begin building your new extension. If you’re in the Cobham area and you want to organise planning permission yourself, then you need to go to the Elmbridge Borough Council website.


However, as an experienced house builder, we deal with the Council's planning departments all the time and will be happy to apply for permission to begin the work on your behalf. Please get in touch for more information.


The Extension Process

Once you choose to use our services, we work with architects to help design your new living space. Afterwards, we manage the process from planning permission applications through to completion.


We start by erecting scaffolding around the site. Thereafter, our builders work on an ‘outside-in’ basis. This means that most of our work in the early stages will take place outside your house. Once we complete the work on your Cobham property, we then organise a final inspection by a building control officer to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.


For new build builders and extensions experts for your Cobham project, please get in touch. Call Bailey Construction UK Limited on 01428 653 716 now!

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